Virtual Cyclist

Black and white image of cyclist

Feeling Blurry

     It’s not easy living the virtual life. It’s now Spring in Silicon Valley and the sun is beckoning. But that puts such a glare on my laptop screen, I am inside.

     There’s blogs to write, Facebook posts to answer, and I must follow Lance Armstrong on Twitter. Somehow, he finds a way to live a virtual and real life, but then, as a cyclist, his balance is better than most folks’.

     So, I need to install some app on my computer that allows me to virtually ride my bike and tweet, update my website and burn calories.

     Until there is, I am anchored to the sad fact that one must go outside to ride a bike. Maybe that’s a good thing. Though I think falling down in an application and virtual road rash would be easier to take than the real thing.

     Don’t honk if you see me out there. It always scares me.

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