4 Ways to Survive Bill Belew’s Blogging Workshop

Who can learn with these classmates?

To serve my bloggership better,
I gave five minutes of my copious spare time
I found it was harder to survive the workshop than to blog. Maybe that was just me.
Here’s few tips you could use in your next workshop. . . ANY WORKSHOP!
  • Realize that your fellow workshoppers are idiots – This will lessen your stress level considerably.
  • Bring your own coffee – If you don’t bring your own,  you won’t get any. You’re too busy misunderstanding what’s going on and suffering the stress of incompetent classmates to get up and get a cup
  • Take a friend – This helps you do reality checks . Is it me that doesn’t get this, or is it everyone else? (For me, unfortunately, it was me.)
  • Prepare to do the real blog later – You will notice when you write the test  blog that you are only competent to write a blog about how NOT to write a blog.

This workshop could change your life.  For better or for worse? That’s up to you.

9 thoughts on “4 Ways to Survive Bill Belew’s Blogging Workshop

  1. I am enjoying your site, and hoping to pass on my information. I am at freemanfun.wordpress.com . Love your picture (of us) and your humor re the class! Thanks for the laughs!

  2. It doesn’t help either when the workshop leader is an idiot at times as well.

    I won’t forget the first question I received that day from someone who had just bought a macbook. How do I open this?

    Well, first, turn it around was where I started.

  3. I thank ‘the leader’ that I am even replying. That I have a blog attests to the miracles you worked on Saturday, especially for those us starting without some very basic knowledge. No, that thing that just popped out is NOT a cup holder. Great workshop, Bill. Keep bloggin’

  4. Hi Luanne,
    I found your blog while searching for information on Bill Belew’s workshop. I see what he has to say about himself, but I’m wondering if it is worth my time.
    I already have a blog, but need to learn more about promoting my book. My blog is a launch point for an audio novel podcast. The book is now available for sale in print, so I need to use my blog for marketing.
    Do you think Bill Belew’s workshop would help me?


  5. Hi James,

    It’s been years since I took Bill’s workshop. At that time, I know he had not written a book, but he had been making a living by blogging. I’m not sure where he is now.

    He did know the nuts and bolts (I didn’t), so he helped me. He has a lot of connections, and he knows how to increase his hit count substantially. I think this would help with the marketing you are interested in. I think he might be better if your book is non-fiction.


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