Too Much Money

 “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

– President Obama to Wall St.,  4/29/2010

     It’s a real danger in Silicon Valley. I’ve seen it happen to my neighbors—but not me. <sigh> Now the President is warning us of this rare, but terrible, plight. Just so you don’t fall into the “Oh, no, I have more money than I need” dilemma, I’ve gathered some helpful hints.

Don’t let it happen to you. Check for the following signs, most courtesy of Jeanne Sahadi of

Signs you have too much money:

  1. Bling H2O bottled water-$38/bottle for the limited edition bottle decked out in Swarovski crystals bottled in Tennesee.
  2. Silver sleeve for your Haagen Dazs– $1,057 from jewelry and silverware designer Theo Fennell. It slips over a pint of your favorite flavor. The sterling silver tub is engraved with the words “Haagen Dazs.”
  3. BMW 3-series wagon – A man in California reportedly purchased one for the sole purpose of having his housekeeper take his dogs to the vet.
  4. Girl’s bed – $47,000/Designed like a coach available at Posh Tots.
  5. A Gucci chainsaw – Gotta have it.

One thought on “Too Much Money

  1. Ah you mean like Al Gore purchasing a 9 million dollar home with 9 bathrooms. Just in case the kids stop by I guess.

    Site looks good by me. Even works on dial up/Win 98. U asked for comments. Been storing them up wanting to do something like this also.

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